Pellet Pin Use Information

Tips for getting the best results out of Pellet Pins Media

•Pellet Pin Media should be cleaned to remove manufacturing oils prior to being used. A mild degreaser such as Dawn Dishwashing Soap, Simple Green, or oil-free citrus cleaner may be used. Use caution with commercial degreasers as they may contain hydrochloric acid (or Muriatic Acid), which can cause corrosion on stainless steel.

If you choose to clean your Pellet Pins in your rotary tumbler, check inside the drum for oil accumulation and wipe out as necessary prior to tumbling your brass. Change cleaning solution frequently during this process.

When received, Pellet Pins are a dull grey color. After 4-5 uses they will become shiny and you will notice they clean better.

Pellet Pins are attracted to a magnet. Keep a small magnet handy while using your Pellet Pins to aid in clean up and/or separation.

Pellet Pins resist corrosion and should not rust. They may be stored wet or dry inside the tumbler drum between use.

When tumbling brass, use only enough detergent to produce a small amount of bubbles. If tumbler is full of dense soap bubbles after tumbling, reduce soap amount accordingly.

Lemi Shine (or similar citric acid powder) should be added at a rate of ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water depending on the hardness or your water. Adding too much Lemi Shine will result in discolored brass and may leach out zinc, resulting in red or pink cases.

After tumbling, rinse your brass in cold water to remove the cleaning solution. This decreases spotting and discoloration when brass is dried.

Decrease tumbling time 40-60% when cleaning Nickel cases.